getting to clarity – faster.
Clarity facilitate energy-packed workshops working closely with leadership teams of global and local businesses. With over thirty years experience, lead consultant Stephen Charlton personally delivers powerful content covering purpose, brand and culture.
With personal insight and global experience spanning various sectors, Stephen is well-versed in global ventures and the vital role people have to play in business.
We’ll focus on your immediate needs and long-term strategic goals.

I share my experience and insight with those who want to connect their purpose to their strategy, their brand to their customers and their people to an energised culture.


Supercharge your purpose and change our world for good.
We consult, train and challenge leaders wanting to connect their purpose to their brand and culture, resulting in a sustainable and reputable business. Our workshops supercharge your purpose, fuel your brand, and ignite your people, delivering exciting, breakthrough results.

We take you beyond ESG and into a sustainable future.


discover your purpose.

This workshop will provide insight into:

  • why purpose matters to everyone
  • how purpose can become a force for good
  • explore who you are and want to be
  • how your purpose can be defined and shared
  • how to live your purpose day by day

maximise your brand.

This workshop will provide insight into:

  • what is a successful brand?
  • creating a brand that delivers value
  • how your brand perceived and experienced
  • the power of your internal brand
  • maximising the value of your brand

create your culture.

This workshop will provide insight into:

  • determine your culture temperature
  • establishing values and behaviours
  • creating open communication channels
  • how to engage and inspire your people
  • disrupting silos

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