a lighter, stronger brand.

The Challenge

Impression Technologies is a startup company based in Coventry, built on advanced research and driven by a breakthrough technology – Hot Form Quenching (HFQ).
To create a brand identity that encapsulated both the innovation and the brand strength of emerging technologies. The brand would sit behind the developed technologies and act as a ‘parent’ providing investment and marketing support.

The Solution

Clarity evolved the company’s brand, creating visuals that made Impression Technologies both unique and recognisable within their industry –positioning them as the leading technology company they are
The ‘Horizon’ element we created within the identity, serves as the symbol of a rising company, shining new light on the future.
We continue to have a close working relationship with a formidable team.

Clarity delivered for ITL
Brand identity / Brand Strategy / Visual Styling / Strapline / Tone of Voice / Identity Guidelines / PowerPoint / Purpose / Values

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