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The Challenge

Emissions Analytics (EA) is the leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of real-world emissions.
When it comes to the pursuit of improved air quality, EA believes in the power of clarity, transparency and integrity. With real-world data they can meet emissions challenges – instilling trust and confidence in industry partners and public.
Our challenge was to develop a brand strategy to support and promote the environmental impact vehicles have on our planet.

The Solution

It was recognised that the perception of EAs activities and value was being lost among customers and prospects. Clarity was invited to distill the brand essence including a verbal positioning language that enabled clearer understanding.
Clarity started with a set of core values that culminated in three distinct statements. From this, a conversational version was prepared for face to face meetings and interactions.
Because EA dealt with sensitive data, confidentiality was deemed important so that customers feel safe from the outset. Authenticity and credibility were other criteria needing to be considered when creating new ways for promoting their ‘passion for data’. We developed a brand personality with a human face to the business, leading to consistent presentation and messaging at all touch points on and offline.

Clarity delivered for Emissions Analytics
Purpose / Value Proposition / Core Values / Tone of Voice / Naming / Brand Strategy / Strapline / Logo Development / Visual identity / Identity Guidelines / Literature / Company Presentation / Exhibitions /

As part of the new brand strategy, we created a new visual language for Emissions Analytics, and developed a variety of graphic elements, a refreshed look and feel with a confident tone of voice.

We thoroughly enjoyed developing the EA brand as it gave us so many insights into the plight of car emissions and tyre wear particles in our natural environment.

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