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Stephen Charlton has over 30 years experience in brand consulting; specialising in brand strategy, brand identity and communication design specifically within the engineering sector around the globe.

As a seasoned creative leader, thinker and speaker, as well as a board level consultant and presenter; he comes armed with a lean mindset. This gives him the ability to make the most complex branding issues, clear and concise to both company and customer. Stephen advises global organisations on their branding issues and cultural communication, helping to define their purpose whilst aligning their people to their strategy. By doing so, creating a stronger presence in their market place, increasing profitability and assertion amongst sector competition.

With a background in design, an interest in psychology and human behaviour, Stephen is well placed to advise on the best forms of communication especially in these times of global change.

Barnett Waddingham

The twist in our tail highlights the importance of the value in the why.

This is our starting point for all client projects and serves as a litmus test to the realities surrounding the real issues being faced.

Unearthing a meaningful purpose often results in a unique and compelling brand story that can be expressed across many communication channels.

Let’s start with your why.

Just some of the issues our clients are facing:

In these times of uncertainty, how do we maximise our brand positioning and resiliance?

Merging with a global partner, how do we ensure we retain our brand integrity and value?

As a global business, how do we ensure our brand reputation remains intact?

How do we align our customer experience to our dynamic brand?

How do we attract and retain the best talent in these times of global change?





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