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You’re probably facing a disconnect somewhere within your business – impacting performance, productivity and growth.
Whatever is holding you back, Clarity creates a unified brand that will accelerate your business.


~ Facing an inflection point in the business

      ~ Lack of customer insight and value creation

~ Weakened value proposition due to shifting markets

      ~ Implementing a unique and powerful brand strategy

~ Engaging a disconnected workforce

      ~ Create continuity amid extreme uncertainty

~ Culture change in times of rapid growth

      ~ Dissipation of purpose, focus and direction

~ Reposition and invigorate tired communications

If any of the above resonate with you, let’s start a conversation.

A visual list of client logos consisting of GKN, NHS, Barnett Waddingham, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Duplomatic, Continental Hydraulics, White, AGA, Emissions Analytics and Impression Technologies


We believe that by connecting what matters to those who matter, can significantly improve your business from the inside out.

By taking all the good stuff we can help you supercharge your internal culture that can in turn, deliver the value your customers now demand.

Only by identifying and connecting all the dots, can you realise the true potential that lies within your business. An exciting proposition indeed!

Working globally with tens of thousands of employees, allows us the opportunity to mix cultural viewpoints and embed them into our worldwide view of things.

So unify everything and everyone to maximise the impact of your brand in the minds of your customers.

Image of the world connecting the dots image.
Its all about you text in white as Clarity believes the challenges customer faces
We help you drill down to the real issues that are at the root cause of your blocks.
We then help redefine you as a living, breathing brand, ready to do exceptional business.


b2b & b2c consultancy / creative and strategic thinking / purpose definition and implementation / brand and rebranding / brand proposition and strategy / workshops / digital brand expression / culture building / internal communications / name creation / research

“Clarity brings value to the table by challenging us at every turn while we are focused elsewhere. The ability to combine strategic thinking and creative execution has helped accelerate our global business in these changing times .”- GKN DRIVELINE
``Clarity has provided Barnett Waddingham with a strong, meaningful brand that will help us to grow and prosper. Thank you.``- NICK SALTER I SENIOR PARTNER
“Clarity is modern brand enhancement and more. Many people claim they know what it takes to make transformation happen within complex manufacturing organisations, Clarity truly does. They’re hands-on, measurable and fast. Put simply, Clarity brings creative genius to engineering environments in a very tangible way.”- ALESSANDRO CORRENTE | COO DUPLOMATIC
“You have a rare skillset that I have not encountered before – a blend of artistic, creative, strategic and good insight. You engage, listen, get to the core of what the company is trying to achieve and bring fresh, different and stylish ways of visualising our brand, products and aims. The work has reinforced our innovative and dynamic reputation. We have all enjoyed working with you and trust that our relationship will continue.”- JONATHAN WATKINS | CEO IMPRESSION TECHNOLOGIES
Stephen Charlton designer with his clients sitting on a boardroom table. Meeting and presentation with a team, working together.

a unified brand is in your reach.

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