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clarity affords focus

In our thinking, we sit with deliberate focus on the bigger picture of things, allowing interplay – like a kaleidoscope. This is where we discover new patterns and solutions.

lean thinking

As a widely accredited system that started at Toyota in the 1960s, Lean Manufacturing (as it was first coined), is a practice focused on value creation for the end customer with minimal waste and processes. 
Having created and implemented lean across a multi-million engineering  company, I’ve had first-hand experience of the technical, organisational and behavioural advantages lean can bring to a business.

For many years now I’ve adopted a lean mindset and applied this fundamental thinking to my client’s brand communication needs. Working alongside my global engineering clients, I have helped to implement lean throughout the organisation, engaging and inspiring the workforce in both the factory floor and in the office environment.

My 6 principles:

  • Be clear on purpose
  • Define the value
  • Create a compelling proposition
  • Select the right channels for communication
  • Measure the impact
  • Product Enable continuous improvement

Effective communications are at the core of what I do at Clarity and when confronted with complex change issues within a business, lean thinking helps me to ask one simple question, “is what we are doing creating value to the end customer? If not why not?
Where I often see clients fail in the area of communication is their narrow thinking that disconnects them from not only their desired audience, but the failure to attract potential audiences they have not considered.

I seek to help my clients get to:

  • clarity faster and more efficiently
  • reduce wasted time, energy and resources
  • engage audiences better
  • create consistency of message
  • deliver messaging more effectively
  • gain feedback that has value
  • improve understanding
  • build a stronger culture
Lean Principles
A Client Voice

a client voice

“You have a rare skillset that I have not encountered before – a blend of artistic, creative, strategic and good insight. You engage, listen, get to the core of what the company is trying to achieve and bring fresh, different and stylish ways of visualising our brand, products and aims. The work has reinforced our innovative and dynamic reputation. We have all enjoyed working with you and trust that our relationship will continue.”


our why

The twist in our tail within our logotype highlights the importance of the value in the why. This is our starting point for all client projects and serves as a litmus test to the realities surrounding the real issues being faced.
Unearthing a meaningful purpose often results in a unique and compelling brand story that can be expressed across many communication channels.
Let’s start with your why.

Turn your branding in the right direction


A connected brand is a united brand. Clarity champions the ‘power of one’ through our Oneness philosophy – producing a concise, consistent and compelling brand across all channels of communication.

This one world - one brand approach allows for better unity and understanding across platforms around the globe.

Having worked with many global companies who have divisions, sectors and product lines, I continue to see the visible evidence and business advantage to operate under a single, unified brand.

Every company is different of course, but it should never be underestimated the power of a single brand that customers can readily identify with.

Be at one with your business